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    The project is being supported by the European Fund for Regional Development.

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  • Starter- and protective cultures
    „Made in Germany“

    The MicroTec GmbH considers itself as an expert in the field of research, development and manufacture of trend-setting biotechnological products.

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    Our Profile

    The MicroTec GmbH is specialized in manufacturing starter- and protective cultures for applications in the fermented food sector. To that end, the possibilities are not only limited to pure microorganisms. Depending on customer requirements, the range of products can be extended to products which are produced with the help op fermentative processes, such as flavours, biopolymers and other ferments.

    Concentrated expertise at a glance

    Our services

    Research and development

    First results can be tested on a small scale in the in-house research and development laboratory before producing on the large plant.


    The MicroTec fermentation plant is designed for the production of microorganism. The fully automatic production guarantees highly efficient utilization of the plant.

    Quality assurance

    Every pure strain is analyzed in an external laboratory before release. Moreover further analyses are carried out in our in-house laboratory such as acidification activity tests or the testing of the bacteriocin forming ability.

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