About MicroTec

Starter- and protective cultures

Made in Germany

The heart of the technical equipment, the state-of-the-art plant for reproduction of microorganisms, is located in Mühlen, Lower Saxony. Here, starter- and protective cultures for the meat industry and other food industries are produced:

  • Cultures for dairy products such as yoghurt, milk and cheese
  • Microorganism for fisch- and agricultural products like Silages
  • Probiotic food supplements for parodontosis- and tooth decay prophylaxis

Starter- and protective cultures can be produced kosher and halal.

Cultures for safe and tasty food

Independent expertise in research, development and manufacture of trend-setting biotechnological products: this motivated partners Gregor Scheffer and Jörg Groth to start the MicroTec GmbH, a specialised company producing pure starter cultures for applications in the fermented food sector.

The MicroTec GmbH considers itself as...

  • Cross-sector partner for producing starter cultures for the food industry
  • Partner for producing microorganism for the agricultural industry
  • Supplier of sales-oriented companies
  • Provider of a broad range of own pure starter cultures
  • Partner for producing valuable materials realized with the help of fermentative processes
  • Research centre for starter cultures and microorganisms for the food industry
  • Owner-managed manufacturer of starter cultures

Development of process optimization

The MicroTec GmbH

MicroTec provides comprehensive knowledge about the development of process optimization. The areas of competence range from screening and development of new microorganism over to the scale-up to production scale up to the economic production and sales of starter cultures.

Of central importance for marketability of pure starter cultures is the economic production on an industrial scale. This is the core competence of the MicroTec GmbH. In neighboring areas of competence a wide support network has been established.

Access to particularly suitable microorganisms is guaranteed through screening projects at different universities, universities of applied sciences, own research and development and access to more than 150 strain banks throughout europe.


– Screening
– Selection
– Strain maintance
– Process development

Scale Up

– Transfer to production scale
– Culture media
– Yield


– Application advice
– Sales through affiliated companies


– Multiplication
– Separation
– Freeze-drying
– Process optimization

Fast implementation of research results

Advantages of the MicroTec

The MicroTec provides fast implementation of research results into the production process.

The portfolio for other industries is constantly being expanded. "Demonstration fermentation" can be carried out at customers events. Subsequently, direct implementation of results processes is carried out in the technical centre.

Experts for competent advice



Meat industry


Dairy industry


Protective cultures




Food supplements


Silage additives




Biological filter systems

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