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Fermentation plant

The MicroTec fermentation plant is designed for the production of microorganism. The fully automatic production guarantees highly efficient utilization of the plant. Numerous parameters such as temperature, pH-value, oxygen concentration and optical density can be precisely controlled during the entire fermentation process.

The fermentation plant meets highest hygiene requirements. Thanks to the CIP and SIP equipment, highest hygiene standards are achieved. CIP stands for "Cleaning on the spot" and SIP for "Sterilization on the spot". All cleaning and sterilization processes are fully automatic and no dismantling of machines or parts thereof is needed.

Pre culture

Starting with a preserved strain, the microorganisms are multiplied in several steps on laboratory scale. Multiplication takes place in specially adapted sterile culture media under optimal conditions.

Main culture

The prepared pre cultures are then inoculated with sterile culture media in a bioreactor and multiplied on a large technical scale in bioreactors under optimal conditions.


Towards the end of the reproduction phase, the microorganism are separated from the supernatant through centrifugation and mixed with protective substances.


The subsequent freeze-drying of the harvested biomass takes place in the hygiene room with filtered air, laminar flow cabin and controlled air humidity.

The finished product after freeze-drying is called lyophilisate. This has to be finely ground. Individual batches of the same strain are subsequently homogenized by mixing and packed. A safe and successful process is ensured by using the best technical equipment and building on our comprehensive technological and microbiological knowledge.

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